Rehearsal Rooms

Hundread Sound Accompany
(HSA) currently has eight rehearsal rooms. You can also go here for repair or rental of musical instruments, audio equipment, guitar / bass / keyboard amplifiers, vocal systems, microphones, P.A. etc., or for making a demo / CD production. The rehearsal rooms are equipped with a complete backline (vocal system, microphones, drum kit without cymbals, guitar amplifiers, bass amplifier). There are PA systems in the two large rooms. If desired, cymbals, stage piano, synthesizer, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, semi-acoustic bass and congas can be rented. It is also possible to rent a storage cupboard. The spaces are +/- 35 m2 and +/- 60 m2 in size, equipped with central heating and air conditioning. There is a free relaxation / meeting room for bands rehearsing at HSA and there is a beautiful garden terrace outside. Call for more information.