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Keep practicing with two keys.
Shark means "haai" in Dutch, another word for good day, that's a nice thing. Shark attacks are a relatively rare phenomenon. This is because humans are not a natural prey for the shark and it is believed that sharks only attack humans when they feel threatened or if they mistakenly regard humans as a seal. Actually they don't like human flesh. The chance that a human will be killed by a shark is ... read more
Picnics are fun, you go looking for a nice place together and then put down your blanket and sit down. You have filled a wicker basket with all kinds of snacks in advance. You may also have brought music with you and you can sit for hours and enjoy the beautiful weather. Just completely unwind in nature. Now it is of course the intention that you do not leave any mess behind. Conviviality has no time. read more
It's more fun in the Philippines
sa Kabankalan ni, sa Mag-aso Falls. tahom tahom... Cbra Systems in the Philippines, at least a T-shirt from Cbra Systems which my neighbor is wearing. He loves his wife, enjoys cycling and is a fan of melodic techno. ... read more